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On Sunday 29th March we had opportunity to watch a special message for Easter 2015 from Billy Graham entitled 'My Hope'. The full DVD can be viewed by clicking here.

A whole variety of resources are available on-line featuring the message of Billy Graham. A sample of which are included below:

Click here to watch a DVD entitled 'Heaven'

Click here to view a talk entitled 'Who is Jesus?'

A donkey isn't the most impressive of animals. It never has been. And yet it is a donkey that takes centre stage this Sunday as we gather to remember and celebrate the events of the first 'Palm Sunday'. Mark will be focusing our thoughts on the identity of the one who was carried on that donkey into the city of Jerusalem all those years ago, as the crowds shouted for the salvation that only God could bring. As the events of that first Easter week unfolded those cries turned to calls for this same Jesus to be crucified.

Guest Article by Marlene Ferguson (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Imagine that this year you hear the Easter story and truly understand it for the first time...

On Thursday 22nd January the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Union Theological College held a conference entitled 'Living and Dying Well'.

The aim of the conference was to bring together a number of leading thinkers in the UK  to address the sensitive ethical, pastoral and legal issues surrounding attempts to legislate in favour of assisted suicide.

The speakers included:

I don’t always get the chance to do this but I wanted to post a few extra thoughts, and pointers to further resources, that link in to this Sunday’s talk which is scheduled to be on Daniel 9 vs 1-19.