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Living beside the busiest roundabout in Northern Ireland gives plenty of opportunity for watching the world go by. Sandyknowes Blog is the personal blog of Niall Lockhart (minister of Ballyhenry). Pull in and have a read…

Read: Psalm 47 vs 1-9

There is a lot of news in the world. Bad news, good news, fake news, local news, world news. We also live in a time when there an increasing number of ways to get our news, phones, apps, social media, news channels as well as the more conventional ways of newspaper, radio and TV bulletins.  

Read: Psalm 46 vs 1-11

Psalm 46 is a great Psalm and there is a lot in it. While some of the Psalms are very personal this Psalm is a big Psalm calling us together, summoning us as sisters and brothers in Christ, to think through who God is, what we believe about Him, and how that transforms what we think about, and how we react to, what is going on in the world around us.

The Psalm starts with a stirring statement of trust and faith:

My dad grew up being taken to church by his parents. The Bible was an important book in family life and church was a formative part of weekly routine. But while my dad grew up knowing about God he didn’t know God in a personal way. Choices, ambitions, attitudes were shaped and formed by things other than God.