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Living beside the busiest roundabout in Northern Ireland gives plenty of opportunity for watching the world go by. Sandyknowes Blog is the personal blog of Niall Lockhart (minister of Ballyhenry). Pull in and have a read…

Read: Psalm 107 vs 1-22

Psalm 107 is the first chapter in the final section (‘Book Five’) in the book of Psalms. It begins with a call to ‘Give thanks to the LORD’ (vs 1). This call is followed by two reasons; ‘for He is good’ and ‘for His love endures forever.’

Read: Psalm 106 vs 24-48

Many of us have grown up with the Bible and many of its stories have been familiar to us since childhood. However, the more I read the Bible the more aware I am that I have a selective knowledge of the Bible. There are some parts of the Bible that I know very well and there are other stories and when I read them it’s as if I’m reading something for the very first time.

Read: Psalm 106 vs 1-23

There is a lot of ‘retelling’ in the Psalms, a lot of recalling of Israel’s past and especially the many episodes from the days of Moses, the escape from Egypt and the journey through the wilderness towards the Promised Land. These stories teach us many things about God, and as we have already seen through eyes of faith these stories become our stories as we come to praise this God and trust ourselves to Him.

Read: Psalm 105 vs 23-45

The word ‘remember’ is a Bible word. It’s used over 200 times in our Bibles and it’s one of those words that is literally in the Bible from the beginning (Genesis 8:1) through to the very end (Revelation 3:3). 

Read: Psalm 105 vs 1-22

I’ve all kinds of books in my study. Tucked away in the corner of a shelf is a book that makes me smile. It’s entitled ‘Me, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and it’s dated 1976 (I was three years old). On first view the story is a familiar one with familiar charcters, snow white, Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy etc. But then suddenly out of the page jumps my name! ‘I’m Niall’ said the boy. Then he took Dopey to meet Fiona’ (my sister).