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Living beside the busiest roundabout in Northern Ireland gives plenty of opportunity for watching the world go by. Sandyknowes Blog is the personal blog of Niall Lockhart (minister of Ballyhenry). Pull in and have a read…

Read: Psalm 137 vs 1-9

The Bible is a book of promises. Back at the very beginning, when God called Abraham He promised that He would not only give him a family, but that He would lead them to a land of their own. This land was to be known as the Promised Land and it was to be a place of safety and of plenty.

Read: Psalm 136 vs 1-26

When I was growing up I remember on a number of occasions hearing people speak who were sharing what was called ‘their testimony’. A testimony was a talk where someone would tell the story of their life, but it was told from the particular angle of how God had been at work, finding them, helping them and keeping them going.

Read: Psalm 134 vs 1-3

Today we come to the last of our ‘songs of ascents’, songs sung on the road to Jerusalem as God’s people made their way to the temple to worship. These people would looked forward greatly to being in the temple and there would have been much joy as when they would have gathered, singing, praying and sharing in the sacrifices that were made as a reminder of God’s desire to draw close to His people.

Read: Psalm 133 vs 1-3

In the Bible God’s people are pictured as being members of a family. That image begins with the call of Abraham in Genesis 12, when the LORD promised to give him a family would be blessed and who would be a blessing. So as the Old Testament story rolls forward it becomes the story not just of individuals in relationship to God, but of family members in relationship with one another.