Daily Words - Our Saviour

Daily Words - Our Saviour

We’ve friends who recently had a baby, and when that news comes through often the first question is ‘Any names?’ Names are important. Sometimes people pick a name because they like it and sometimes a name is picked because it means something. 

In Matthew 1 the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. He told him that his fiancé Mary was going to have a baby and He hold him what name he was to give the child.

The name ‘Jesus’ means ‘the LORD saves’. We live in a culture which is hugely familiar with Jesus. Whether we grew up with His name in Sunday School or whether we hear His name day in day out as a swear word never far from people’s lips. 

But just pause for a moment. Say His Name. Jesus. The Lord saves. According to the great story that the Bible tells our most profound and universal problem is that we need rescued, saved, from a terrible thing called sin. Sin is at the root of everything that is wrong and broken about this creation. Our need is complete and profound. Jesus has come to save us from our sins. Let that truth go deep today.

Prayer: Father thank You that you know our greatest need. We need rescued. We need saved. Thank You that Jesus has come to save and to rescue. Amen.