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Read: Psalm 119 vs 49-72

Today we come to our third stopover in Psalm 119, and there’s a word in this section that I find to be very rich, a word with a wide embrace and a steadying presence. It’s the word ‘wherever’ and it’s found in vs 54:

‘Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge’.

Read: Psalm 118 vs 1-29

Have you ever heard a song and before you know the words are going round in your heard? When this happens it’s often not the whole song but one or two lines that seem to stick with you and that you find yourself singing over and over.

In the book of Psalms there’s a line that gets repeated time and again, and it’s found five times in today’s Psalm, Psalm 118:

‘Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, His love endures forever.’ (vs 1,2,3,4,29)

Read: Psalm 117 vs 1-2

I have a little box on my desk. It’s the size of the kind of box of matches that my mum used to keep in the kitchen. It’s called an ‘external hard drive’ and you can store computer files on it. Even though it’s small you can get a lot into it. Apparently, into that one small box, you can fit 300 million pages! It is amazing how much can get in to something so small.