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Read: Matthew 1 vs 1-25

So it is Christmas … well almost. That’s the situation as the story of the Bible tips from Old Testament into the New. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John each wrote a ‘gospel’, an account of the life of Jesus and each of them prepares us for the arrival of Jesus from their own unique angle. With four days to go until Christmas we hope this week to conclude our Advent Journey in the company of these four writers.

Advent Journey – Day 19

Read: Zechariah 4 vs 6, 9 vs 9

Encouragement. The exiles who had returned to Jerusalem from Babylon needed encouragement. Life had been tough for them and faced with the realities of a devasted city and the struggles of trying to hold on to a faith that was weak they needed to find courage to complete the rebuilding of the temple, the work that God was giving them to do.

Read: Haggai 1 vs 1-15

What are you hoping to get for Christmas? I can still remember as a child that feeling of going to bed on Christmas Eve. There really was no other night in the whole year like it … that sense of sheer expectation.

Advent Journey – Day 17

Read: Nehemiah 1 vs 1-11

No matter how early you start there are always things to be done to get ready for Christmas. As we have seen over the last couple of weeks, page upon page, in the Old Testament part of the Bible we see God getting ready for Christmas.