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Living beside the busiest roundabout in Northern Ireland gives plenty of opportunity for watching the world go by. Sandyknowes Blog is the personal blog of Niall Lockhart (minister of Ballyhenry). Pull in and have a read…

Letterkenny is a busy town in County Donegal. Its population of 20,000 is made up of people from many different backgrounds. On Sunday 8th June Tommy and Helen Bruce travelled down to Ballyhenry to share with us something of the life and work of Letterkenny Presbyterian Church. Lorna Morrison (a member of Ballyhenry) has been working for the past year in Letterkenny on a volunteer scheme run by the Youth and Children's Board of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

As another Sunday approaches it's worth reminding ourselves what is planned for this weekend. On Sunday morning at 11am we have a special visit from Rev Tommy Bruce and Lorna Morrison. Tommy is the minister of Letterkenny Presbyterian Church in Donegal, where Lorna has been working for the past year as a volunteer with Youth and Children's Board of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Tommy will be speaking at the service and Lorna will be doing the children's talk.

Andy Carroll is a friend of Ballyhenry having visited with us on a number of occasions. This week Andy was up in Belfast and I had opportunity to catch up with him. In the first of a new series of short interviews '3 Minutes With' Andy talks about his background, his own journey, and his work as a church planter in North Dublin. To listen to Andy visit our Media section or click here.

Newtownabbey Borough Council are currently highlighting Park Watch, a partnership initiative involving the council, PSNI and the general public within the borough. Partnerships like this are a reminder that working for the public good isn't just the responsibility of one group or organisation, but is something that can bring together lots of different people who care about our community.

The annual general meeting of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (known as the General Assembly) takes place this week in Belfast. Over 1000 delegates from across the island will gather in The Assembly Buildings in Fisherwick Place.