Vision and Values

In May 2010 our leadership team in Ballyhenry (known as our ‘elders’) agreed the following mission statement as a helpful summary of our shared core vision and values:

Ballyhenry, seeking to grow as a learning church, a caring church, a humble church and an outward looking church.

You may have background in being part of a church, or ‘church’ may be something that’s a totally new idea to you. Whatever your starting point we trust that unpacking the different parts of our mission statement may help to give you a feel for what is important to us as a church in Ballyhenry.

Ballyhenry – having a local name as part of our name, reminds us that we are a community based church. The life of our local community matters to us. The streets, estates and developments around our building are where many of our members (old and new) live.

seeking to grow – living things grow and change over time, be that trees, plants or people! In Ballyhenry we believe that a living church will be a church that changes and grows as time goes by. Welcoming new people, of all ages and backgrounds, is important to us.

as a learning church – we believe that the Bible uniquely reveals who God is, and how we can find life and peace through knowing His Son Jesus Christ. Growing in our understanding of the Bible and its relevance to everyday life is a central part of who we seek to be.

a caring church – when we look at the life of Jesus we meet someone who didn’t just talk about God, He showed people God’s love. Growing to serve one another, and our neighbours, in practical ways is a key part of the journey we are on together.

a humble church – so much of life lies outside of our control. The Bible places God at the centre of reality and at the centre of daily life. We want to grow as a church that points away from ourselves and towards the greatness of the God who we worship, pray to, and serve.

an outward looking church – there is a big world, beyond our walls, beyond our community and beyond the island on which we live. We believe that God frees us to look beyond ourselves sharing what we believe and the resources we have with people around the world.