Psalm 69 - Worn out

Psalm 69 - Worn out

Read: Psalm 69 vs 1-36

Psalm 69 begins abruptly with a very urgent cry for help ‘Save me, O God’. At the time when David is writing these words he is literally experiencing the sensation drowning. Waters have come up to his neck (vs 1) he is sinking fast and there is nothing beneath his feet (vs 2). The place where he is graphically described as being a place of ‘deep waters’ a swirling sea were an all out flood is engulfing him.

He has been crying out for some time but at this moment his strength is almost gone. Worn out, with his throat parched, his eyes are failing as he scans the horizon for the One he needs most, God.

The desperation of Psalm 69 echoes through the story of Jesus’ disciples in the boat in Mark 4 vs 35-41. Many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. They knew the water and they would have had plenty tales of high seas and squalling winds. On the water many of these men would been seasoned, capable, resilient. But what was going on in Mark 4 was different. This ‘furious squall’ (Mark 4:37) was threatening to overpower the boat and all who were in it within minutes. Most confusing of all Jesus was actually in the boat with them but when He was most needed He was asleep. In one final cry of desperation the disciples cry out ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?’ (Mark 4:38).

Perhaps it is that cry that is the most desperate cry of all that can come from the lips of a person of faith ‘Don’t you care?’ This is the cry of near hopelessness of someone about to drown. Tucked away in the desperation of Psalm 69 we read these words:

‘Zeal for your house consumes me, and the insults of those who insult you fall on me.’ In John 2, Jesus disciples linked to Jesus Himself after Jesus had cleared the temple of those who were desecrating it (John 2:17). It is this link, the link between someone who feels rejected by God and Jesus Himself, that becomes the saving lifeline, at the heart of Christian faith.

The Bible tells the story of how God’s own Son has become the rejected One so that He can actually be there with us, right in the boat, when we think we are about to go under. Even though He seems to be sleeping, He is there, and He is not leaving us. Psalm 69 names many fears that we may face. Mark 4: 35-41 brings us hope.  Jesus is with you and He is not leaving.

Prayer: Lord there are so many things I don’t understand. Help me to catch a glimpse of You today, Lord Jesus, right here with me. Amen.