Psalm 66 - What God has done

Psalm 66 - What God has done

Read: Psalm 66 vs 1-20

There are moments in life when you just ‘get it’. Something becomes clear, you know what you feel or think, moments of clarity. Psalm 66 begins with this unnamed Psalmist in this place. This Psalm opens with words of joy, a shout of joy to God (vs 1), a song focused on the glory of His name (vs 2), a celebration of His deeds and how awesome they are (vs 3). The theme of ‘the deeds’ of the LORD is a recurring theme throughout the Psalms. On over 30 occasions the Psalmists invite us to remember what God has done in the past and to praise Him because of it. 

Often when we look out at the world around us it can be like looking out on a foggy morning. It can be hard to see clearly what is going on in the world, and hard to see clearly where God is in events or circumstances. However we look back on the record of God’s ‘awesome deeds’ in the Bible we see with clarity, a picture of a God who is in control of all the earth (vs 4) and a God who loves His creation and who is constantly at work for good (vs 5). 

This is why it is so important to know the Bible well, because it is here that we meet God and here that we learn what He is like and why he can be trusted. It is the God who ‘turned the sea into dry land’ (vs 6) who calls us to trust Him today. Just as God has kept the feet of His people from slipping in the past (vs 9) so He wants to keep us on our feet today. 

Even at times when God has allowed judgment to fall upon His people He has always done it with their ultimate good in His heart (vs 10, 12).

The Psalmist gives thanks as He reflects upon a God who has not withheld His love (vs 20) from His people and from Him. He gives thanks, and so centuries later reading his words we find ourselves encouraged to give thanks too.

Prayer: Father thank you for the Bible and how it records your awesome deeds across many generations. Help me to trust You today and to believe that in all things you are at work for our good.