Psalm 64 - I voice my complaint

Psalm 64 - I voice my complaint

Read: Psalm 64 vs 1-10

When we think about praying it can be easy to think ‘I don’t know how to pray. I don’t know what to say.’ We all come to prayer as learners. It was the first disciples of Jesus (and disciple means ‘learner’) who asked Jesus ‘Lord teach us to pray.’ (Luke 11:1)

The Psalms teach us to pray. They not only teach us words to use in prayer but they teach us how to use those words. Google tells me that there are over 2400 verses in the book of Psalms. This (the largest of all the Bible books) doesn’t teach us to pray in a step by step way (add this word onto this word) rather it teaches us by allowing us time and again to listen in as people of faith actually pray. 

In Psalm 64 David complains to God. He is subject to ‘a conspiracy’. There are evildoers who are out to get David. Danger comes in different ways and at different times. It seems that the threat to David here is what people are saying, with their tongues like swords and their words aimed like arrows (vs 3). David is in fear of being ambushed (vs 4). This Psalm is a plea for personal protection (vs 1).

Psalm 64 functions almost like a mirror. The second half of the Psalm (vs 7-10) flips over the words and imagery of the first half. David moves from complaint to confidence in these verses. Calling out to God David is confident that He will shoot arrows at David’s enemies (vs 7), that God will turn these people’s tongues against them and bring them down (vs 8).

God hasn’t done this yet, but David knows God well, to the point that he now finds himself praising God for what He will do (vs 9).

Getting to know God better doesn’t mean we won’t face danger and it doesn’t mean there won’t be real forces against us. Prayer sometimes will begin with a complaint. But as we get to know Him better (Ephesians 1:17) confidence grows in present and future deliverance. Even a difficult can become a place of rejoicing (vs 10).

Prayer: Father as I think about the struggles I am facing today, thank you that you will bring me through this time. When I am finding things tough help me to be confident in You. In Jesus Name. Amen.