Psalm 148 - All His heavenly hosts

Psalm 148 - All His heavenly hosts

Read: Psalm 148 vs 1-14

The story of creation is found in Genesis 1 and the story of a new creation is found in Revelation 21. The whole story of the Bible, from beginning to end, is a story of a God who calls all things into being, both now and in eternity. This morning in church we began a new series on the book of Hebrews. In that letter, chapter 1 vs 2-3, reminds us that as Christians we realise that ‘God’ is not alone as the Creator, His Son, Jesus Christ, is also the maker and sustainer of all things.

So when, as Christians, we read Psalm 148 the call to ‘Praise the LORD’ becomes a call to praise Jesus Himself. The psalm is big and all encompassing in who it summons to praise His Name;

‘… the heavens … all angels … heavenly hosts … sun and moon  … shining stars …’ (vs 1-3)

All of these things, and so many more have been created, and are sustained, by the same Jesus who calls today: ‘Follow me’ (Matthew 4:19). He is the same Jesus who calls the weary to His side (Matthew 11:28), who speaks words of peace to the struggling (John 14:27), and challenge to the complacent (Luke 9:23).

Psalm 148 calls us to praise a Great God, a very big Jesus and a Holy Spirit who has also been there (Genesis 1:2) and is with us today (John 14:17). The more we read the Bible the bigger our appreciation of what the psalms are saying grows, the wider their reach as they call us to worship and centre our lives. 
So the psalmist looks and looks out …

‘… great sea creatures … ocean depths … lightening and hail, snow and clouds … mountains and hills … wild animals and all cattle ... small creatures and flying birds ... kings of the earth and all nations … men and women … young and old’ (vs 7-12).

And you … and me … today He calls us to praise Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What a wonderful invitation! What a God! Praise the LORD.

Prayer: Father, Son and Holy Spirit today I praise Your great and wonderful name. With all that I am. May more and more people be drawn to praise You too. Amen.