Psalm 147 - He heals

Psalm 147 - He heals

Read: Psalm 147 vs 1-20

Have you ever been to watch a play, maybe in a theatre or even in a school, and at the end all the key characters come on stage taking a final bow before the audience. In Psalm 147, one of the final Psalms we have opportunity to listen and to watch as key themes from across the Psalms are brought out for a ‘final bow’ reminding us of the great themes of who God is and what God has done.

The God of the psalms is a God who builds up His people (vs 2). He gathers His people even when they have been exiled from Him through their own carelessness and disobedience (vs 2). Every now and then in the Psalms you across a line that is stunning in its simplicity and verse 3 is one of those verses:

‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.’ 

This same God is the one who knows the stars by number and by name (vs 4), he is great and His understanding has no limit (vs 5). He promises to sustain the humble while casting the wicked to the ground (vs 6). This is the God we sing to and this is the God we praise (vs 7).

The God of the psalms is a provider (vs 9) and He delights not in natural strength but ‘in those who fear Him’ and in those who ‘put their hope in His unfailing love.’ (vs 11).

When you imagine that all has been said and done the Psalmist finds new ways of praising God and declaring Hi greatness. We are so thankful that our God is a God who has revealed Himself to us. We are not left to guess or feel around for Him (vs 19). The final words of this psalm sum up the cry of thankful hearts:

‘Praise the LORD.’