Psalm 104 vs 19-35 - My soul

Psalm 104 vs 19-35 - My soul

Read: Psalm 104 vs 19-35

Yesterday we were reading the first part of Psalm 104, and we saw how those verses celebrate God’s creation; what he has created and what He is creating all around us, day by day. Today as we enter into the second part of the Psalm this theme of celebration and wonder continues as the Psalmist looks further up and further out, marvelling at all that God has made.

I remember when I was at school doing Physics through to A Level. I remember big ‘wow’ moments as we began to learn something about how the earth, the moon, the planets, ‘work’ as they orbit the sun and as they stay in place, neither colliding with each other nor hurtling of into space. 

Scientists talk about the ‘fine tuning’ of the universe, if the laws of Physics were a tiny bit different life on this planet would be completely impossible, and indeed earth as we know it would not even exist. The Psalmist may have known nothing about gravitational constants, elliptical orbits and other kinds of big words (that I have almost forgotten!) but as they looked up at the moon and the sun (vs 19) they saw in their constancy a witness to a Creator, a Creator who is at work day and night providing the conditions for life. 

In many ways we live in a time when more has seen more of God’s works in creation (vs 24) than has ever been, we have looked further into space, travelled further from earth, and gone deeper into the oceans than any other generation. We have seen more of the bigness of creation and the smallness of creation (vs 25) than has ever been possible.  

A couple of years ago I bumped into my old Physics teacher. He was, and is, a Christian, a person of faith. Psalm 104 encourages us to have eyes not just to see the wonders of this universe, not just to investigate how it all ‘works’, but to see in it wonder the glory of the LORD (vs 31), to think about these things (vs 34), and to respond in praise.

Prayer: Father thank you for your faithfulness that holds the planets in place and makes life on earth possible today. Give me eyes to see your glory and a heart to praise You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.