Psalm 101 - Every morning

Psalm 101 - Every morning

Read: Psalm 101 vs 1-8

It’s been a while since we have heard from David. In today’s Psalm David speaks, not from his throne, nor surrounded by his armies, David speaks from home. In Psalm 101 we listen in as he reflects upon what it means for him to serve and honour God behind closed doors at home, and in the day to day choices and relationships that make him who he is. Psalm 101 is a Psalm for an ordinary day. David’s desire is to be ‘careful’ (vs 1) as he steps into each new day, and to start his day by remembering that God is a God of love and of justice (vs 1). How other people are treated matters to God, and David realises that other people must matter to him too.

David wants to run the day to day business of his house in a way that is ‘blameless’ (vs 2), he wants to be careful ‘not to look with approval on anything that is vile’ (vs 3). David knows that people without faith (the ‘faithless’ in vs 3) live their lives differently and he resolves to have no part in living this way. Truth in relationships matters to David, he wants to have no place for slandering others or for looking down on others (or up at yourself) with pride (vs 5).  

But in a fallen world where will David find ‘the one whose way of life is blameless’ to give him the help he knows he needs? The Psalms long for someone who we will simply never find in this world. They express a deep appetite, a deep desire, for a type of person who will help us, encourage us, and inspire us. Verse 2 expresses a desire that God will come to David. Today this prayer is being answered in the lives of ordinary believers, in ordinary place, in ways that David could never have imagined. Jesus’ promise to all who love and set their hearts on obeying Him is that He and His Father, by the Holy Spirit, will come and make their home with them and in them (John 14:23). What an amazing truth as you go into your day!

Prayer: Father thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank You that through Him You are at home in my heart. Please forgive me for times when I don’t make Him feel at home through the things I do, or say, or look at. Today please help me to be careful to honour Him.