Home Based Fellowship Groups

Home Based Fellowship Groups

Home Based Fellowship Groups meet regularly on alternate Wednesday evenings throughout this term.  Fellowship Groups have become a central, and appreciated, part of our life together in Ballyhenry over the last few years. Meeting in six homes around Newtownabbey groups give individuals the opportunity to meet together, to enjoy a cup of tea, to chat, to read the Bible and to pray together (though no one has to say or do anything!)

This term we are working our way through the book of Ephesians under the overall title 'Building a Community where Jesus is at home.'

If you would be interested in joining a group for the first time contact Rev Niall Lockhart on fellowshipgroups@ballyhenry.org or by phone on: 90836046.

Groups meet from 7.45pm-9.15pm and will be meeting this term on the following evenings:

24th Sep, 8th, 22nd Oct, 5th, 19th Nov, 3rd Dec.